11.11.13 – 7 cops watch man die then in frenzied craze beat dead body


  1. Gabriel on November 11, 2013 at 7:54 pm

    Let’s move on this right away….

    • Anonymous on November 12, 2013 at 10:22 pm

      I AM THAT I AM. Through acceptance of the gift of life, I AM a lifestream of The Prime Creator, known as God. I AM granted free will, free dominion, wise dominion and king dominion over all that there is.
      I AM the custodian entrusted with the Universe, including my DNA and all derivatives and attachments. Anyone who deliberately tries to injure, transform, change, alter or amend any part of THAT, THAT I AM, without my voluntary, noticed and informed consent and agreement is in Contempt of The Prime Creator.
      It is MY WILL to maintain this Universe for all men to have free will, free dominion, wise dominion and king dominion and to honor God’s Trust. I have no recollection or cognitive awareness of any voluntary contracts or agreements that could cause injury to THAT THAT I AM. I have injured no one that I am aware of.
      Answer me this:
      • Under what authority are you holding me against MY WILL?
      • Why are you holding me against MY WILL?
      • Who ordained keeping me here against MY WILL?
      Make no mistake,
      1. You do not have my voluntary consent or agreement to take my wise dominion.
      2. You do not have my voluntary consent or agreement to take my free dominion.
      3. You do not have my voluntary consent or agreement to serve in bondage.
      4. You do not have my voluntary consent or agreement to own or use any part of my lifestream, embodiment or entrusted property for unjust enrichment.
      Unless you produce a valid, verified, bona fide Bill of Sale or voluntary contractual agreement over my free dominion, wise dominion or king dominion; or proof of deliberate injury to another, you are in contempt of The Prime Creator in fact and in deed.
      It is impossible for the issues or creations of the Created to be greater than the Prime Creator of all that there is, no matter how you manipulate the matter. Exactly who and what do you think that you are over riding? This is the law set forth by The Prime Creator; Is it not? It is Ordained: Your contemptuous activities and infidelity affect all that there is, and ultimately result in injuries to all that there is.
      I Command and Demand redemption now. Now, you must stop, halt, seize and desist all discordant and injurious activities that affect me. You must recognize, honor my freewill, freedom, wisdom and kingdom now.
      Your failure or otherwise refusal to impeccably respond, void of all deceptive practices, is clearly your admission, stipulation and agreement under noticed, informed consent and voluntary agreement that you are in fact and in deed knowingly, willingly and deliberately causing me injuries, in contempt of The Primer Creator in fact and in deed. You therefore agree to use your mind, body, spirit and soul to act as surety and collateral to indemnify those you injure, pledging all that you are to the discord and Karma that you have created in your own free will, for your own freedom and wisdom under Universal Law.
      Thank you for your conscious understanding in this matter. Now, make all necessary corrections so I may continue my sojourn in Peace, Love and Harmony.
      I AM the enlightened impeccable life stream of The Prime Creator, presently known by the appellation First Middle Last. FIRST MI LAST is your construct, used in this matter for the purposes of fraudulent conversion, deceptive practices, human trafficking and the usurpation of God’s Gifts that are granted to others, in contempt of God’s Trust.

      This notice and message is made, signed and witnessed in good faith and with clean hands on this ______ day of November 2013 years after the ascension of Jesus of Nazareth through the body of Christ.

      In Grace, I AM that I AM,


      Note: Under HR 3474, in 1994, President Clinton and Congress subjugated God without authorization. They appointed the Attorney General as the custodian. The custodian AG appointed the USDC judges to serve as custodian in their place and stead. They usurp the entire lifestream and made man a “Human Resource” under Executive Order 13037, for their unjust enrichment. If you are in a commonwealth country, your banker is the “Lord Mayor of London, England”.
      Note: Anything they say that is against your will should be met with “No. No. No. That is against MY WILL”. Expect to be asked, “Who wrote this?” You had better hand write this, without the notes, of course.

      Reread this until you understand it. Don’t use it, if you do not get it. If you do not know how to use it, you are not ready for it, research the Administrative Procedures and Civil Procedures.

  2. Craig Browning on November 11, 2013 at 11:25 pm

    Its getting like that everywhere in the united states, its tine for the People to take back there FREEDOM,

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