Why It’s So EASY for Cops to STEAL Your Money


  1. Rene // IG- imperfectus on July 17, 2022 at 3:41 am

    I honestly do not believe that people should contact an attorney. Attornies are part of the bar; and a conflict of interest. Also you make yourself a ward of the court by doing so basically an orphan.
    What I do recommend that any sane natural person do is switch hats to the consumer and ask the. To validate their debt collection claims.
    Or simply put you can challenge the jurisdiction!!
    The main idea here is to move the burden of proof over to them. Also color of law is in this bullshit as well. Look through the United States Code and I am confident that he actually has another case. 15 USC 1641 – is a criminal liability that is incurred to anyone asking a consumer or even attempting to reach out to a consumer. Then you can put on the natural person hat and hit them with the 1692k civil liabilities. And hit them for 20x times the actual damages and if they default 😂😂😂 take that to court and get a judgement on it!

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