Warrantless searches of laptops & phones lands govt in court


  1. Daniel-M:Furesz Secured Party Creditor on May 6, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    I am wondering how does this fit in with persons on Parole. Parole claims they have a right to search your phone and or laptop and computers. The fact is that Parole and anyone on Megan’s law is dealing with a corrupt under color of law government agencies because both of these situations are illegal and unconstitutional and the government and or their so called Police men which are nothing more then Policy men have no authority and or jurisdiction due to the fact that these are both in violation of the state and federal ex-post facto rulings of the US Supreme Court the highest court of the land. People forget that you have a Right to Travel You have a Right to Vote according to the 15th amendment which says nothing about except if you are on Parole. No state or alphabet agency can make or convert an absolute right into a crime or privilege. It is time we wake up people and read out constitution and understand the real substantive Positive law and not the Under Color of Law you are being fed which is no law at all. Miller v. United States makes this clear and any law that is made that is repugnant to the US Constitution does not have to be obeyed and can not be enforced according to Marbury v. Madison and that law has never been repealed or defeated when it comes to your rights being violated by tyrannical government. The only gun permit you need is the 2nd amendment no license to carry is necessary and this is backed up by the “1902 Dick Act” where congressman Dick made it law that any laws attempting gun control after its sanction by Congress is null and void. I am the Daniel M. Furesz U.S.A.F. Retired W-1 licensed NJ. Notary Public and Private Attorney General under authority of the United States Code Title 42 section 88 and paragraphs 241 & 242.

    • Sovereign Filings on May 9, 2019 at 9:02 am

      They most likely get away with it under the constitution that nothing shall hinder contracts. Parole is a contract.

      • Daniel Martin Furesz USAF Retired W-1 Secured Party Creditor & Private Attorney General on December 13, 2020 at 3:31 pm

        Actually the above statement is not true. A contract by definition is a meeting of the minds between 2 or more individuals. Also there has to be a benefit between both parties and a good faith monetary amount over $20.00 has to also be established for a contract to be valid. Parole is an “ADHESION CONTRACT.” So what is an Adhesion Contract this is no contract at all and is null and void on its face. Parole meets the definition of an Adhesion contract because it is all one sided and only benefits the government and or parole and puts the parolee in peril and subjects the parolee to the loss of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness with unrealistic and illegal restrictions. When I signed my Parole papers in order to get released from prison on an illegal charge and convicted on a meritless and futile charge of which I did not meet the definition of I signed on top of my signature “Without Prejudice” to the left of my signature I put the initials “V.C.” and to the right of my signature I wrote NONASSUMPSIT. My signature on that Adhesion contract became null and void with all of that. So I have no contract at all with Parole I am a victim of government tyranny at its best. The best part of the law is that as a USAF Retired W-1 Honorably Discharged 100% Service Connected Disabled American Vietnam Combat War Veteran who was highly decorated and through a full Act of Congress I have the federal protections in place according to USC Title 38 sections 5301 3101 and 1159 of which I am vested in for the past over 20 years says that I am 100% tax exempt and can not be levied or liened against collected and or attached in any for of legal equity whatsoever. If you look into Black’s Law dictionary 5th edition the definition of a tax is a charge and a charge is a tax so i can not be legally charged with a crime to begin with other than a capital crime. So there you have it. Parole at least for me is totally illegal and unconstitutional and the people involved in illegally kidnapping me and detaining me still yet have to pay the cost of the consequences for breaking the law. They will be charged with the RICO statute as Domestic Terrorists. They will also be charged with High Treason which is still a hangable offense.

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