The Free Market and Politics: How Business and Government Collaborate


  1. guestimate on January 21, 2019 at 8:25 pm

    It’s called fascism. He omits price-fixing and flat out thuggery/suppression of competition, which is a real thing, and government even enables. This young guy has not been around or read history. I don’t GAF what he calls himself or how he flatters himself. “From a cost perspective, taking what doesn’t belong to you is the cheapest way to go.” (from an MBA rag.) Just ask the prior natives how that works. Dude is an apologist for himself, missing a moral dimension, yet to discover nuances of good & evil, picture speaks volumes, worse than rudimentary, dumbs the listener down, severely. Or let me splain it: Kindness is the first law of creation, or it all goes to hell.
    Could be a while before some people come around.

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