8.10.15 – Police Drill Instructors Beat Kids Bloody


  1. ERIC MONTEL STRINGER on August 12, 2015 at 3:55 pm

    I simply feel so close to either giving up, taking matters into my own hands ( not stopping in traffic or maybe calling the police whenever the police get behind me for whatever reasons, I no longer break any “actual” laws anyway) or even more proactive than that, calling all of my friends to meet me (and) the police at the location I finally decide to stop in order to have an actual audience. The “federal” investigators who always get assigned to police brutality cases are all about limiting liability and quiet settlements. Absolutely no incentive for the good police to stand up against corruption. Everyone needs incentive, you know. To quote Lee Iaacoca: “Where have all the leaders gone?”

  2. ERIC MONTEL STRINGER on August 12, 2015 at 4:19 pm

    Question 1: Is Freedom of Speech and/or Press now Treason?

    Question 2: If Police are the “professionals” we like to label them as, why so many ACCIDENTS against Black Men, Women, and Black Children lately?

    Question 3: Which came first, Human Rights or Civil Rights? (Apparently the Federal Government advises Victim’s Families to make Civil claims when somebody is unjustly KILLED by a Police Officer. What’s so CIVIL about a turn signal traffic stop (nothing else) ending in death, or watching every news agency on television LIE about a non-commissioned, unqualified civilian getting to ride SHOTGUN with actual police officers and WORSE get out and shoot a man in the back then not get himself shot for interfering with a police/government investigation or even face any consequences?
    I tell you… Nothing. It’s Chaos. Or maybe it’s calculated.. We shall soon see. Here come the CLAIMS, uNITED STATES. Where do YOU stand?

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