NYPD Officers Arrest 9 Year Old Who Didn’t Show Her Vaccine Card At A Museum


  1. Terrance Frelix on January 25, 2022 at 12:54 am

    That is crazy and on humanitary to be putting a nine-year-old kid in jail or in custody because of a vaccination card. I get it we’re in a pandemic for A airborne virus that can be controlled if they really want it to be I have a product called My Air Shield that we can utilize in schools public places and things of that nature and it is FDA approved and will kill all viruses in the air before entering your body why can’t they push that here I am authorized rep for the company in Minnesota you can go online to My Air Shield.comTo see how this product will help because putting a nine-year-old in custody for a vaccine that most of us don’t believe in and not enough study behind to give us faith and it’s not right at one point they said we need a one shot now we need a five or six and they want us to be comfortable taking it people wake up there’s other ways of dealing with this virus besides the shot take a look myairshield.com

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