2.7.16 – Arrested For Trying to File a Police Complaint

Is it any wonder things keep getting worse? When you can not even file a report for the wrongs done to you, how are they supposed to redress the grievance and improve the service offered? If this were a private company they would have no customers!


  1. Linda on February 22, 2016 at 6:02 pm

    This happened to me and my son, we tried to file a complaint for harassment, against a officer here in California. And was told the same thing we had to verbaly do it. They put us in a little room made us wait an hour. An officer came in , harrased us even more, took our statement then let us read what HE WROTE, and wanted us to sign it. What he wrote down had nothing to do with what our case against this cop, but mostly about how we acted during interview. Such bullshit. We never signed it. And asked to leave. Again they made us wait an hour or so, before they came back and esccouurted us out of the station. This is such bullshit. We werent arrested, but were detained for hours, We did nothinng wrong. Being locked in that tiny room waiting felt like we were being arrested though. We left and never went back. When i think about it now, that was there intention the whole time, make us feel like we were being arrrested, detain us, and try to make us sign a ccomplaint that we didnt write, so we would leave and never come back. Bastards..Win Win for them, and a huge dissapointment for us..

    • Sovereign Filings on February 25, 2016 at 5:13 am

      Thank you for your story I hope it helps to hearten others to take a stand against this type if behavior. In the future if you are detained more than 10 minutes consider filing a civil claim. Refer to Trezvant vs City of Tampa Bay for more information.

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