9.2.13 – US exports wealth

If the system does not work force people to adhere to it, that’s U.S. Government mentality… We say, when a system does not work fix the fundamental issues and bring it all back into balance creating harmony within the system. This can be seen in eco-systems when things get imbalanced a death to all living in that system. The system for human beings follow the same principles just on a larger scale. Do we claim to know how to fix it… in this instance YES we do.
This is what we specialize in. The taxing system would need to change drastically reliving the burden from people directly and their paychecks, imports and exports would need to be taxed, expenses would need to be drastically cut in government spending, any war that is not our own we should not be involved in, and possibly for an initial time for the transition a small tax at the register so the wealthiest and the poorest contribute equally. Simple, fundamental and working. Oh not to mention phase out the federal reserve entirely… but this is just common sense.

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