3.18.13 – The Rule Of Law Is Dead In America


With liberty and justice for some.

Greenwald speaks at Yale Law School, March 11.

‘We need to put the fear into these people.  In a healthy society, politicians should always fear for their job, and sometimes fear for their physical safety.  In a tyrannical society, people fear the government.  We have a tyrannical society.’

Start watching at the 28-minute mark and listen for about 5 minutes.


Update: More on this clip from Titus who first alerted us to this speech.

Eric Holder confirmed to Chuck Grassley last week what is now official U.S. legal policy: the super rich are officially above the law.  Glenn Greenwald makes that very point in this speech.  He freely concedes that the U.S. has NEVER–in practice–satisfied the ideal sought by the rule of law.  What it had always done until recently, he contends, is to hold up the rule of law as the official chalice of the realm.  That is no longer the case, Greenwald says, which he explains using two very interesting personal experiences beginning in 2005.  In the first few minutes, he lays a little groundwork that includes the proposition that any system of governance faces a binary choice between the rule of law and the rule of man.

The pertinent segment is between 11:40 and 21:15 of the above video.

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